The offseason suggestion box: Let us know what you want

This is your chance to offer us input on what you want to see in the (potentially very, very long) Survivor offseason. We’d hate to say “I got nothin’ for ya” for these next few months, but there isn’t going to be any new Survivor happening, either in the US or abroad. The main idea here is that we don’t want to invest effort in producing any content that you guys don’t want to consume/discuss. And when we ask, “What exactly would our beloved commentariat like to see from us in the offseason,” the answer is a resounding

If any of you have ideas for what you’d like to see on this site in the next few months, please share it in the comments below, reach out to us on Twitter @purplerockpod, or email us: purplerockpodcast at gmail. If any of these ideas jump out at you as something fun, please make that clear to us- with additional comments, upvotes, or generally nagging the shit out of us.

Here are a few of the ideas we’ve already debated for the offseason, so you can let us know if we’re on the right path here (these ideas are fleshed out to varying degrees):

1. A live, Zoom-based version of Family Feud, featuring Purple Rock staffers (and perhaps some commenters?) divided into teams. Just like our finale podcast, this would be open to audience participation and chatting. Frankly, this one is probably going to happen, because we’re pretty far along in the planning already. Still, voicing your support for the idea would convince us.

2. Andy introduces his children to Survivor by watching Cagayan.

3. Emma does something about Borneo?

4. Our own personal Survivor Hall of Fame, where you’d get to vote on the players that make it in (or maybe you wouldn’t, depending on how much we trust you).

5. Maybe a Mister/Miss Survivor thing, like Rob Cesternino used to do? This seems like a bad idea that could lead to you guys getting somehow even more thirsty than usual.

6. An oral history of Stephen Fishbach’s plaid suit at the Cambodia finale.


Let us know which, if any, of these ideas resonate with you. Alternately, propose your own thing. Please know that even if you suggest something that ends up being really popular with the rest of the commenters, it’s not a guarantee that we’ll do it; we’re only willing to do so much work, after all.