The Most Influential Survivor: Lillian Morris

Lillian Morris

Pearl Islands

To celebrate the 40th season of Survivor, we’re counting down the 40 Most Influential Survivors to ever play the game. But apparently, we missed one?

Lillian Morris is also an entry in this series.

I’m baaaaaaack. The Purple Rock gang thought that my previous post defending myself was a one-time thing. But it looks like I, Lillian Morris, have to come back to this site to yet again defend myself from being left out of important Survivor discussions! If you think you can have discussions about influential Survivors without little ol’ me, you are sorely mistaken. Some “superfans” you are!

While I am clearly not as influential as legends such as Cirie, Malcolm, or Mr. Jeremy (please give him my number if you have it, Emma) I am certainly more “influential” (whatever that means) than folks like Cao Boi (WHO!?!) or gosh darn Laurel. Not to mention being excluded from a list that includes Rupert, Sandra, and Jon Dalton (YUCK!) is just extremely offensive.

Even from the very beginning of my season I was instantly iconic. Probst (that meanie) tricked us into wearing “outfits” for what we thought was a photoshoot. Instead we got marooned in what we were wearing. Unlucky me got stuck in my Scout uniform, which is the main reason I lost! Being a Scout and playing Survivor is mutually exclusive. Many survivors are known from their clothes, none more so than me.

And the fact that I was punished for my outfit made future Survivors really rethink what they might wear out there. I would even go as far to say I’m the reason players lie about what they did for a living, not wanting to be judged by who they are out of the game. All you “superfans” love Mr. Tony, but do you think without me he would have pretended to be a construction worker? No way! Everyone loves that dolt Rupert just because he wore tie-dye, and he tricked you all since he’s no hippie! Without Lillian Morris there is no Coach, who you all claim to love so much.

But it’s not just that I’m a style icon, I am also a strategic trendsetter. I hope I don’t need to relitigate my previous arguments about being the original flipper to make it to the end, so just read my other post! However, I think in the most recent seasons you could say I perfected the art of managing my threat level. See I stayed in the middle of alliances, all while knocking off the biggest threads one at a time. First Andrew Savage, then that dolt Rupert, then Burton, then finally Jon Dalton! I would thrive in the modern Survivor (give me a call, Probst!) where they reward taking out the “big dogs”. Unfortunately, I played in a time where people voted based on bitterness and that lump Sandra came out on top.

And finally, let’s talk about the Outcasts (Hi Ryan!). Without the Outcasts twist would there be an Edge of Extinction? NO WAY JOSE! Clearly Probst thought me coming back to win the final immunity was a great story, and he wanted to do it again. If you count the Edge (this is what the cool kids are calling it) as a version of the Outcasts, we’re three out of four for making the finals (almost as good as Pete Rose’s batting average on clutch at-bats). Since again I am the OG of this twist, how am I not influential? At least more influential than that foul-mouthed coastal elite Eliza!

I look forward to coming to give y’all another lesson in five years when you yet again forget about the legend of Lillian Morris, the ultimate Scout.

Who actually made the list?

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