The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 2- “Method to this Madness”

An unfortunate issue with our recording software in this episode requires a brief appearance from every listener’s favorite version of Andy, but before that happens you get to hear your favorite Survivor podcasters (2nd favorite? 3rd favorite? Come on, we’re at least top 5, right?) talk about the obscenely poor gameplay in this episode.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- episode 2

Among our topics this week: Was Val’s lie about having multiple idols terrible or…no, really terrible is the only option. What the hell is Josh doing? Did we already see the highlight of the season for a few players in this episode? Is Baylor the next Ciera Eastin (of Survivor: Blood vs. Water)?

We also induct someone into the Zero Percent Club, and discuss the Quitter Power Rankings for this week. Finally, we conclude with a discussion on the problems (or perceptions of problems) that Survivor has in dealing with racial and ethnic minorities. A small portion of that conversation was destroyed by our recording software as well, but hopefully it remains coherent enough that you can get the point we’re trying to make: Yes, Survivor is racist as shit (not really).

As always, we welcome your feedback either here or on one of the many other avenues you can reach us (especially Twitter: @purplerockpod). Thanks for listening!

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