The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 5- “Blood is blood”

Well that was disappointing on a lot of levels. In this podcast, we mourn the loss of Kelley- a player both of us liked and thought would do well- and discuss how she got screwed in the swap (phrasing).

We also lay out some plans for how Dale can still overcome some long odds and succeed in the game without her. We’re probably reaching a bit on this, mostly because we were Kelley and Dale fans. Seriously, Dale, I hope you came up with the plan I propose for you. It would be incredibly successful and great TV at the same time.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- episode 5

Of course, this episode can’t be discussed without talking about the rice situation, or “playing the rice card” if you will. Was the blue tribe actually crazy to eat all of their rice so soon, or were they crazy like a fox? And what punishment could Survivor levy on their tribe to keep this from happening again?

The Zero Percent Club gets a heaping helping of new members this week, and Quit Club seems to be down to a small handful of choices with one clear leader. Andy’s 3-0 hot streak with predictions finally ended last week, but he attempts to start a new streak with our picks for next week’s castoff.

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