The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 6

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 5 (To download, right-click and select “Save link as…”)

Shirin has made the merge! Jenn might be getting a winner’s edit! Mike is in a solid alliance and seems to be well-liked! And Max is…ok, well, it’s not all good news.  

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Shirin’s 90 seconds of screen time gets the requisite and appropriate 10 minutes of discussion and dissection from John. There’s also a thrown challenge to discuss, and we spare you the semi-annual analysis of whether throwing challenges is a good idea- yes, it’s fine- but go into whether this particular throwing of a challenge was the right strategy.

We also talk about Rodney’s story arc, and the narratives of Carolyn, Shirin, and Jenn. And with the merge coming next week, we take some time to figure out how the alliances might break. Are the four no collars still solid? How many of the blue collars will stick together? What will the two remaining Wet Blankets do?

Of course, we also discuss our Ultimate Survivor Bracket, this week’s Zero Percent Club, and our predictions for who will go home next week.

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