Ultimate Survivor Tribal Council Bracket – Welcome to the Second Round

We’ve gone from an unseemly 64 to a much more manageable 32, and with that change you should find a lot of difficult choices to make. We intentionally structured the bracket to force people into choices as early as possible, lest someone just keep voting for their favorite season or player. So enjoy!

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Here’s some highlights from the first round:

  • Judd’s manic tribal council from Guatemala beat Denise and Abi-Maria’s battle by a single vote. Yep, one vote. So keep that in mind while making your choices: they might REALLY matter (no pressure).
  • Other close results:
    • Amanda’s idol play beat Judd’s blindside by 51 votes
    • In the battle of idolling out Kellys, Russell beat Jenn by 42 votes
    • Jeremy saving Stephen scored an upset over Hold Up, Bro by 46 votes
    • And the Jeff Kent boot tribal from Philippines proved it was way underseeded by taking down the third-seeded Micronesia final tribal council by 29 votes. Big upset.
  • Every final tribal council in the tournament besides the first one (Borneo) failed to make it to the next round. Y’all really don’t care for juries.
  • Maybe we should have included Shannon Elkin’s TC from Nicaragua instead of Rice Wars. But I’m guessing they both get crushed by Erik giving up his idol (which received 95% of the vote. I can’t fathom what those other 5% were thinking).

REMEMBER: the voting is split into four different posts, representing the four themes of the tournament. Don’t forget to vote in all four (the disparate voting totals between pages suggest that many of you did. Perhaps enough of you to swing some results).

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