Updog week 5 post

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this Updog experiment, it’s that we have a fucking lot of images in the ol’ media library.

Remember the days of backwards hats and optimism? Ah, simpler times.

Let’s try to do a theme this week with the ephemera: hope and optimism. Maybe the theme holds up, maybe it doesn’t. I’m just going to keep writing this post, and if the theme falls apart as I’m writing the prompts, fuck it- this part is staying here. I’m optimistic that I won’t have to edit. Look at me, sticking to the theme!

  1. What’s something you’re looking forward to in the next month? (We all know the thing you’re looking forward to in November.)
  2. What have you discovered about another person (or, hell, even an animal) during the pandemic that surprised or pleased you?
  3. Tell us about a song that was not your wedding song. (If you haven’t had a wedding, that leaves every song eligible!)
  4. Comfort food: Do you have one? Alternately, I will accept a comfort beverage- in that I will accept you telling me what yours is, and that I will accept you giving me a comfort beverage.
  5. Let’s discuss the most optimistic and hopeful member of PRP: Footage not found. Ok, well then….Mark?