Updog week 7 post

My space bar briefly stopped working while I was writing an intro for this, and I was genuinely concerned it wasn’t coming back. You almost got a single-word (with 500 characters) intro.

Look at that condescending, judgy face. It’s the best.

It’s been almost two months of updog. And there’s just no end in sight. Let us bravely slog through yet another week while discussing the following (or, to be clear, absolutely anything else!):

  1. Could current you beat up 20 year old you in a fight? (This was a Twitter question and turned out to be surprisingly fun. Feel free to tell us your motivation for fighting your 20 year old self.)
  2. What video or meme have you seen lately that made you smile and/or laugh?
  3. Your funds are, for purposes of this hypothetical, nearly limitless. Where are you going on a hypothetical vacation wherein funds are not a concern? You may only select one destination. (Oh, also the pandemic doesn’t exist in this hypothetical. It’s a pretty great hypothetical.)
  4. Have you ever met in real life with a human that you met on this or any other non-dating website? Actually, this may become my backup plan for this site if Survivor never comes back: turn this thing into a dating site and finally make some cash. Dating sites make money, right?
  5. Andy?