Survivor Maryland: Major Conflict Episode 1

What are we doing here? You thought there was no new Survivor this autumn but you were wrong. It’s time for season 7 of Survivor Maryland, the original and still the best version of college Survivor. We will follow twenty college students as they play the Survivor as hard as anyone who has been on an island in Fiji with Probst (well some of them will play hard). They will do it all whilst studying, partying and generally being college kids.

You can watch on  the youtube channel  and if you want to catch up the first generation it is here.

This season the tribes will be divided depending on their major, Stem v Humanities.

Thoughts on the episode:

  • Eric wants to be weird to cover up being devious. That will work well. Always good to be a weirdo no one likes.
  • One thing you need to get used to is that a lot people are friends or know each other.
  • We start with a intra-tribe competition for advantages and I love a good early advantage. Eric wins for Stem and Liam for Humanities. The advantage is shown to be a steal a vote up to last last 5 tribals (not sure is that means final 8)
  • After the all-women all-stars tribe was called Furiosa I cannot find it in myself to care about tribe names. Red and Yellow it is.
  • Immunity is the Survivor Maryland classic, Steal the Bacon: Red wins immunity.
  • What the ever loving fuck is a business fraternity?
  • I forgot how chaotic early college Survivor can be, you get so much info and so many meetings and still usually go into tribal unsure what will happen.
  • Teresa is way too intense, talks more than she listens and thinks that going up against the strongest opponent and losing is a good thing. I do not get good vibes.
  • Amanda doesn’t want to work with women, as though we didn’t get given a truly God tier women’s alliance from Survivor Maryland.
  • Eric has recovered admirably from being a massive weirdo at the beginning. He’s in the 7 who voted for Natalia, it’s a good start.
  • Losing Natalia was a shame, she had a fire voting confessional.
  • More swearing in Survivor please. It’s so much better.
  • What did you all think? Who are your favourites? Do you want this recapping malarkey to continue?