Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Kaoh Rong Episode 3 “Circle of Life”

Hey look, another train wreck tribal council in Survivor: Kaôh Rōng! And this week, Andy finally pieces together why there were so many people who were worried about Liz in this game.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Kaoh Rong episode 3 “Circle of life”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Was Liz the right person to vote out?
  • Has the comeuppance edit been beaten to death?
  • Who is playing the best game on the Brains tribe?
  • The best player on the Brawn tribe.
  • Jason- still being a dick.
  • Is the Beauty tribe an unstoppable force, marching towards victory?
  • Stepping up our ridiculous medevac scenario game.

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65 thoughts on “Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Kaoh Rong Episode 3 “Circle of Life”

  1. Don’t think the comeuppance edit has gotten old,they’re always the most satisfying episodes

    Dan,Savage,Drew,Silas,John Carroll,Roger,Fairplay,Hatch 2.0,Jean Robert,Randy,Coach…the list goes on and on

    1. Maybe my issue is just that they started it too soon in the episode. There was no build up to savor.

      1. Did you mean too late? It sounds like you’re complaining about lack of buildup and too much buildup at the same time

        1. No, no, lack of buildup. As in, the episode immediately began with “watch us set up these arrogant clowns for a whole episode” rather than “hey, things seem to be going well for Peter and Liz” before transitioning to their downfall. At no point did I feel like they were on top, so there was no descent to savor.

          Now, the episode may have thought they were doing that, because the first segment was about them talking about themselves being on top. But we’ve been trained to recognize that if people are talking about themselves that way (particularly if it’s only two out of six people, rather than a majority group vs a minority), we know it won’t end well. But even more than that, the segment ended with Debbie telling us that Liz was going home. So Liz was both arrogant frontrunner and doomed underdog all in one shot.

          1. oh ok I get what you’re saying.I think the storytelling on the Brains tribe have been a bit messy.Failing to explain how Neal went from being the leader of the younger alliance in the premiere to Neal being targeted by the younger alliance was the only issue I had

          2. You can pretty much infer how Peter managed to alienate himself from the rest of the young Brains (“pieces of clay for me to mold” and all that). What I thought the show failed to show was why Liz sided with Peter rather than stay on the right side of the numbers, particularly since the episode showed Cydney and Caleb doing precisely that. My guess is that between Debbie, Peter, and Liz’s confessionals there was just too much schadenfreude gold that had to be included in the 42 minutes.

    2. This was also a bit of a variation on the full comeuppance, as discussed in the podcast. Liz wasn’t all THAT humiliated. The bulk of the edit was targeted at Peter, who now has to scramble. Or, you know, just wait for a swap.

      ARGUABLY this focus is good for Peter edit-wise. Instead of telling the story of Liz’ flame-out, they chose to focus on Peter. LET THE REDEMPTION ARC COMMENCE! That or Dan Foley style buffoonery.

      1. Maybe that’s part of it too. It’s less satisfying when the edit is “watch the woman take the hit for the arrogant man”. Even though Liz was arrogant too, she didn’t go as far as Peter. This would’ve been a lot more fun if Peter had gone home. It would’ve felt more like he did this to himself, especially if he pushed the target from Liz to himself.

    3. With the exception of Drew, which was on a whole different level of satisfaction, all those comeuppance moments were over the course of a season. There was a major season long story that was satisfied in the episode that went beyond just them being a little arrogant.

      Guy gets a little too arrogant and gets punished as a result is a very par-for-the-course typical Survivor episode. There has to be something else there to make it worthwhile, and this episode didn’t really have it.

  2. “You really nailed Peter in the preseason.”

    Seriously? Are we not doing phrasing anymore?

    1. Yeah, I think you figured it out right away. I’m pretty sure you were slightly off on the subject of the brackets, though.

      1. Yeah…I was sorta close though with my guess of episodes but I hadn’t narrowed it down to tribal councils. This could be even better than the player bracket that y’all did last year.

  3. I think the Brains took out Liz because Debbie and Joe really disliked her and they were 2 of the 3 people who got to recite in the tie.

    1. There’s a good chance that’s why they did it. Doesn’t make it the right move though.

      1. I’m not sure it makes sense to treat this as a “they” decision. This isn’t a rock solid alliance making collective decisions. Solidifying the four was as important as choosing the right boot.

        For Neal and Aubrey, the right choice was to ultimately defer to Debbie and Joe. The difference between Peter and Liz is far outweighed by the dangers of irritating Debbie enough that she flipped back. For Joe, keeping Peter over Liz makes sense. We’ve seen him interact pleasantly with Peter (in the form of complaining about the women)- now that Liz is gone Joe is probably the closest thing Peter has to an ally.

        For Debbie…yeah, Debbie should have targeted Peter, challenge strength be damned. Debbie controlled the vote, and she chose poorly. Much like that time she chose not to test floodwater from Hurricane Katrina for cyanide.

        1. It probably didn’t affect the ultimate outcome, but I’ll bet that by allowing Joe and Debbie to call their shot (even if it was the sub-optimal choice), Aubrey and Neal drew a sharp contrast with Liz and Peter, who were just ordering them to vote Neal (note Debbie’s confessional about being expected to “follow like a good soldier”).

        1. And if it ends up costing them, then they’ll have a moment to point to as why they failed.

  4. I just want to say seriously F anti-vaxxers. My husband is a teacher, and he is just now getting over a nasty case of the mumps that he most likely caught at school (as we live in the state with the highest percentage of unvaccinated kids in the school system) 🙁

          1. It makes a lot of sense in a weird way. After all, Colorado gets the reputation for being such a “natural” state. What is more natural than not getting vaccines?

    1. Oh no! Are his sperms ok? And wait Sweaterfan are you a lady? If so why on earth aren’t you in our Purplerock all women’s alliance?

      1. Haha, no sperm-related complaints as of yet.
        Why yes, I am a lady 🙂 I guess I just haven’t walked to the watering hole alone with any of the other ladies around here yet… But maybe I should check with the guys before joining the women’s alliance (just kidding please don’t vote me out)

        1. Oh dear, that joke puts you at the bottom of our alliance! (please don’t team up with the other bottom players and vote me out! You’re in my finale 3 plan I swear!)

          1. All right….I will say that I am definitely Amanda Kimmel in this situation. If I ever get in on the show, I fear FTC as either a jury member or a participant.

  5. Glad you guys showed Cydney some love. She’s so subdued – both on camera and in confessions – that it’s easy to ignore her, but even before this week she did a good job not over-reacting to her closest ally being the first boot and not getting involved in Jenn’s implosion.

  6. Tony’s biggest moment of arrogance was probably openly mocking Spencer for playing his idol wrong, but he was mostly in check other than that.

  7. Also, what’s up with Joe’s shirt? If he’s an ex-cop, which is he wearing a fire department shirt? I know he compared himself to Tom Westman, but does he literally think he’s Tom Westman?

      1. Is his son Tom Westman? Is this a secret Blood v. Water season? Did Stephen Fischbach secretly win Survivor 32 as “Liz’s Guy I Dated Once” before he played Survivor 31?

  8. Since it sounds like somewhere out there in the viewing audience there may be a group that would consider Jason a fan favorite, it started me thinking: Are there any other Fan Favorites who have been this outright cruel to someone on air? Russell is probably the obvious choice (though his fan fave-ness is subjective).

    Tom Westman comes to mind, but that might be a controversial pick. The way he (and maybe to a greater extent Katie) emotionally manipulated and just totally wrecked Ian at the end of Palau has always struck me as particularly cold.

    My other thought is probably Tyson’s behavior toward Sierra in Tocantins, although I can’t remember if he was considered a fan fave yet at the time?

    Are there other examples?

    1. Boston Rob has probably inflicted the greatest amount of cruelty, albeit spread out over four seasons and many individuals.

      1. To be fair, B. Rob’s cruelty was mainly in All Stars and Redemption Island as he didn’t really inflict too much on HvV and he is still friends with Peter Harkey.

        1. Ahh, OK. Good to know. I’m catching up on old seasons I missed, and saving HvV for last. Also after writing that, I realized I was conflating being a dick in confessionals with being cruel to people in the game.

          1. I think that’s a really important distinction. There are some people who can be super cutting in confessionals while behaving generally pretty well in the game (Tyson in Blood vs Water is probably a good example).

    2. I don’t think Tom Westman was cruel to Ian in the least. Tom’s feelings were hurt when he learned that his new friend Ian was targeting him behind his back; Ian’s feelings were wrecked when he realized how much he had hurt Tom’s and Katie’s feelings, and how that was endangering his friendship with them. I don’t think there was any emotional manipulation going on at all – it was pretty clear that it was all real. In the end, Ian chose to sacrifice a shot at a million to keep his friendships. It was a different era of Survivor and Ian in many ways is a unique player because of that decision. My understanding is that Tom and Ian are still friends to this day.

      Anyway, no list like this is complete without:

      – Rocky’s cruelty towards Anthony
      – Lisi’s repulsive jury questions for Dreamz
      – Alex’s repulsive jury questions for Cassandra
      – Colton’s cruelty towards Bill
      – Colton and Alicia’s cruelty towards Christina
      – Will’s cruelty towards Sirin
      – Dan’s treatment of Sirin
      – Brandon’s treatment of Mikayla
      – Robb’s cruelty towards Shi Ann
      – Robb trying to literally choke out Clay
      – Judd’s cruelty towards whatshername the nurse
      – Sugar’s cruelty towards Randy via Bob’s fake idol, but maybe Randy deserved it? I dunno.
      – Sandra’s cruelty toward’s Russell’s hat HAHA I LOVED THAT!

      Definitely agree with your inclusion of Tyson’s horrible treatment of Sierra. I’d also add Coach and Debbie into that mix; they were pretty lame to Sierra as well. That was all pretty gross to watch.

    3. Tyson was a terrible asshole towards Sierra. And I loved him in that season, but I don’t know how much of a fan favorite he was. He was on a season with JT, who was universally loved.

  9. I do agree that the editors need to mix up things a bit. There are tropes and edits that are too easy to read and it is getting stale.

  10. I have to believe the tribal council where Earl is a total pimp will get a high seed.

    1. Earl was a total pimp for many TCs, but if you mean the fall of the Four Horsemen*, it has to be top five, baby.

      *Three horsemen, plus Dreamz

  11. I only got to listen to this yesterday, and I am unreasonably excited that you used Water Felon on your podcast. Thank you for making me feel clever.

    (Note to self though: jokes about Survivor will not ever impress my girlfriend, and I should have known that. That’s on me.)

    I’m coming around to your thoughts about the strength of the beginning of a season being at the expense of the rest of it. I would not have picked the first 3 boots in the pre-season (as evidenced by Darnell originally being in my pick 4), and that makes for exciting television. The Jenny Lanzetti boot was fun for me to watch in a train wreck way. But, I’ve thought about what you said, and I don’t want to watch the season of Jason and Debbie either. I actually think Debbie’s going to last longer than Jason, and that’s probably fine with me. The hope is that this becomes the season of the Beauty tribe and Aubry. And Cydney (I did not see that coming from her pre-season interview).

  12. Clearly Aubrey cast an Imperio spell on Andy, that’s the only explanation for his sudden support, despite being an adult Harry Potter fan 🙂

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