30 from 30: The Thirty Moments That Shaped Survivor, part 2

In part one of this podcast, we discussed the moments that shaped Survivor from Borneo to Palau. In part two, we cover everything that has happened in the twenty seasons that followed- from Guatemala (the forgotten season) to Worlds Apart.

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Purple Rock Survivor podcast presents 30 from 30: The thirty moments that shaped Survivor, part 2

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Andy and John continue the debate about which moments are important enough to make the list. Part two covers twenty seasons, from Guatemala to Worlds Apart. It features fewer “locks” to make the list than the earlier seasons, partly because some seasons are too recent for us to fully appreciate their impact on the show and its players.

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Again, this list is not yet set in stone, and we welcome suggestions from all of you as to what moments are most worthy. But first, a reminder of our guidelines:

  • Anything we’re calling a “moment” had to occur on the actual CBS broadcast version of Survivor (CBS or whichever station airs it in your country; we know we have international listeners)
  • These are not the biggest strategic moments, or the funniest moments, or the most amazing moments; it can be any of those, but it must also have had some sort of lasting impact on the game or the show itself
  • Very recent seasons (particularly San Juan del Sur and Worlds Apart) will have an uphill battle making the list, since it’s hard to evaluate their impact
  • If you’re proposing something that should make the list, don’t just name the moment- tell us what impact it has had in shaping the show we love
  • That one time J’Tia dumped the rice does not count

We always welcome your comments, but this time we’re actively soliciting them. You can leave a comment here, tweet us @purplerockpod, or email us at purplerockpodcast on gmail. As always, thanks for listening!