Ultimate Survivor Tribal Council Bracket Winner

64 Tribal Councils, six rounds, one Ultimate Tribal Council! I hope we all had fun coming together to anoint the greatest Tribal Council of all-time. The winner may have been semi-obvious, but it was also deserving.

Winner: Parvati’s Double Idol Play

Heroes vs. Villains, episode 10 “Going Down in Flames”

I’ve wanted to pay homage to one of the greatest moments in the history of the show to cap off this tournament. The problem? Between all the previous rounds, and our 30 from 30 series, we’ve kind of already said everything there is to say about this tribal council. You know how awesome it is; we know how awesome it is; everybody knows how awesome it is. So instead of writing about it, I thought I’d show you how awesome it is. Through the dynamic world of screenshots. Click through the slideshow to take a trip down memory lane.

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