Fantasy league scoring system review

It’s time for our semi-annual review of ourĀ Survivor fantasy league scoring system. Give us your input below.

As a reminder, this is our current scoring system:

Tribe reward: 1 points
Tribe immunity: 2 points
Individual reward: 2 points
Individual immunity: 4 points
Finding an idol: 3 points
Playing idol successfully: 4 points
Redemption Island victory: 1 point
Return to game from RI: 2 points
VTEP (pre-merge): 1 point
Making the merge: 3 points
VTEP (post-merge): 2 points
FTC votes: 2 points each

I’ve put together something that should let me simulate scores pretty quickly and easily, so we can all say what effect any proposed scoring changes might have.

In the comments below, make your suggestions for changes. And to make it easier on me, please upvote any proposals that others make that you like- I’d like to determine which proposals are popular before I expend effort testing them.

I’ll run polls on this page to let you all vote on potential scoring changes.

Let’s tally up the votes!

Should winning a game advantage reward be worth 3 points instead of the normal 2 points for an individual reward win?

  • No (2 points for individual reward win, regardless of reward) (51% Votes)
  • Yes (3 points for winning game advantage in reward challenge) (49% Votes)

Total Voters: 39

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Note: In the poll above, 3 points would only be awarded if the game advantage is received as a direct result of winning the reward challenge- clues to the location of an advantage don’t count.

Should anyone who possesses the immunity idol receive 3 points?

  • No (3 points only for the person that finds the idol in the first place) (55% Votes)
  • Yes (3 points awarded to each person who takes possession of an idol) (45% Votes)

Total Voters: 38

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Note: In this poll, a yes vote means that the same idol being passed around will result in each person that takes possession of it getting 3 points.

To clarify, each person can only earn 3 points from the idol. Last season, Jason’s idol was passed around to Tai and Scot. Jason, Tai, and Scot would have each earned 3 points from it. But Jason would not receive an additional 3 points when he got the idol back from them.

If someone is handed the immunity necklace at tribal council, should that person receive 4 points?

  • Yes (56% Votes)
  • No (44% Votes)

Total Voters: 36

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s also pretty unlikely, since it’s happened only a few times in 32 seasons. Still, it never hurts to cover your fantasy scoring bases.