Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Villains Watch-Along Finale

Time to wrap-up Heroes vs Villains with a discussion of the finale, the reunion, and the season as a whole. Do we still think it’s the best ever?

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Heroes vs Villains Watch-Along Episodes 14-15

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Andy and Emma finish the rewatch of perhaps the greatest season in Survivor history. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Russell Hantz the petulant child.
  • Why Colby should be remembered better than he is.
  • How Parvati made it to the final three.
  • Jerri’s chances to win the game at the final jury.
  • Jerri’s journey through 19 seasons of the show.
  • Favourite moments from the final tribal council (yes, favourite with a u).
  • How Parvati and Sandra are awesome.
  • The gaaaaaame is flaaaaawed (no it isn’t).
  • Did Russell know that he had lost Samoa while playing Heroes vs Villains?
  • The worst things to have come out of a reunion episode.
  • What was really the fifth dumbest move in Survivor history up to that point?


Question to you: how do you feel this little re-watch podcast experiment went? Worthwhile? Needs improvement? Something you’d like to again? Let us know in comments.