Interview: Survivor Second Chance nominee Andrew Savage

Longtime listeners and readers know that one of our favorite early-season Survivors is Andrew Savage, and we (Matt especially) have long lobbied for his return. Now, thanks to Second Chance voting, that goal is within reach.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Andrew Savage Second Chance interview

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We talk with Savage about his time on Pearl Islands, where he led the Morgan tribe back from an early deficit before a twist famously derailed his game. Topics include:

  • How to remain impossibly handsome into your 50s
  • Why the Morgan tribe suffered so many early defeats
  • Who Savage would have wanted to sit next to at final tribal council
  • Which Survivor copied Savage’s game on his way to a win
  • How his game will translate to modern Survivor

We would have been lobbying you to vote for Savage regardless of whether we had the opportunity to interview him, but please use at least five minutes of this 45-minute interview to go give Savage a vote. Few Survivors are more deserving of a second chance.

Of course, we always welcome your comments. You can leave a comment here, tweet us @purplerockpod, or email us at purplerockpodcast on gmail. Thanks for listening!