Interview: Survivor Second Chance nominee Max Dawson

Just a heads up: We didn’t censor this one. So enjoy this 2-hour interview with Max, where we discuss everything from Max’s mom’s opinion on Second Chance nominees to how Boo from Fiji might be responsible for ruining everything. If you’re looking for insights about Worlds Apart, you won’t find many of them here.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Max Dawson Second Chance interview

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After one of the most inappropriate introductions for an episode we’ve ever had, we start with an appropriately Survivor-centric game of “Fuck, Marry, Kill”.

We also cover what I can only assume are the burning questions that you want answers to:

Is Vince living on Max’s couch now?

In an alternate where Max was cast for Caramoan or Cagayan (he was in the running for both), how would Max have fared?

Who was snubbed for a Second Chance?

Is Greg Buis ever going to actually come back to Survivor?

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