Purple Rock Matt’s Weekly PWAWWAWP

You may have heard that we have decided to eliminate the Predictions post and won’t be predicting week to week boots. This is all true. The fact is, we were just too good at it. It ceased to be fun.  Instead I will be predicting who will win the season every week. I call it Matt’s Premature Winners At War Wildly Ambitious Winner’s Prognostication. Or Matt’s PWAWWAWP. Catchy, no? Let’s dive into this episode.

Oh PWAWWAWPers am I excited for you this week. Excited because I can finally present to you a classic example of a winner repeating their winning game down to the smallest detail. The future is unfolding in front of me as if I were the Kwisatz Haderach, this is the Golden Path. Because this week we are talking about ADAM who has been reborn this season as if he were a giant sandworm.

Enough with the Dune references!

As I have been reminding you the PWAWWAWP is all about evidence. We know how each of these people won before, we know how others won too, and we know that Survivor loves winner’s quotes. And can’t you just see the winner montage for Adam starting with “Boston Rob should play more like me.” I mean what a quote! It demonstrates earned arrogance, the type of arrogance that can only come when you beat such heady competition like (consults notes) these two!

Now you might be saying, “Well Adam only won because he was in a Final 3 with Hannah and Ken.” To which I say, “Hannah and Ken rhymes with Michele and Ben.” Think about it.

And it isn’t just that Adam has now set up his final two, he has also made his classic early game stratagem of feeling like he can pull off a big move and then falling flat on his face! When Adam first won, he tried to organize an alliance to break up Figgy and Taylor in the second episode. Here he tried to break up Rob and Parvati. So what happened in both scenarios? He failed! He failed horribly! And this is how Adam wins.

This is an Adam, so it totally counts

Now chastised, shaken, and showing that he doesn’t have the power he thinks he does, Adam is in the perfect position to move forward and win, which is why he’s my PWAWWAWP! He can now avoid votes, fly under the radar, fail to control any votes, be unable to persuade people to take out the biggest threat, and then claim credit for the move that someone else made. It’s a classic story of how PWAWWAWP Adam wins! I just cannot wait to see Adam glide to the end and clean up due to his supernatural ability to suck slightly less than the people he is sitting next to! And just think about the difficulty in winning like Adam does? Not everybody can pull this off, I mean Boston Rob certainly couldn’t!

I personally could not be more excited to witness what is to come. Remember how good Millennials vs Gen X was? Well imagine the winner of this season, the season with the greatest players ever winning the same way! How gratifying! I cannot wait! Welcome to the PWAWWAWP Adam! We eagerly await your glorious coronation.

But what did you the readers think? Who was your MVP this episode? (Last week’s MVP: Tony)

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