Purple Rock Matt’s Weekly PWAWWAWP

You may have heard that we have decided to eliminate the Predictions post and won’t be predicting week to week boots. This is all true. The fact is, we were just too good at it. It ceased to be fun.  Instead I will be predicting who will win the season every week. I call it Matt’s Premature Winners At War Wildly Ambitious Winner’s Prognostication. Or Matt’s PWAWWAWP. Catchy, no? Let’s dive into this episode.

I thought I finally had it fellow PWAWWAWPers. I was so sure that such an obvious gif had to suggest that Rob was the winner due to the obviousness of winning the ring game.

I mean c’mon look at it!

But what if it suggested that the winner of the ring game does indeed win? But it wasn’t that ring game, but one we had seen earlier in the season? And what if I hadn’t identified this winner because the show has been hiding him, much like they have hid other winners in the past.

Michele confessional

That’s why I am now convinced that the PWAWWAWP is Wendell!


Now maybe you are thinking, “but Matt, Wendell has barely been present and this past episode went out of its way to drag him for being a bad guy to kick it with.” To which I respond, 1) ah the classic invisible winner’s edit, unnoticeable to the untrained eye, but to the trained eye, it is as obvious as the sun. 2) You assume the show dragged Wendell this past episode because you identify with Michele, but since society is misogynistic and terrible, what if it was sympathizing with Wendell here and painting Michele as the one in the wrong? Now you see that my logic is flawless and therefore Wendell is the clear PWAWWAWP. I have no need to present more evidence and argument since I have already convinced you.

But what do you think loyal readers? Who is your MVP this week? Once again you chose Yul last week. Everybody loves Yul!

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