Purple Rock Matt’s Weekly PWAWWAWP

You may have heard that we have decided to eliminate the Predictions post and won’t be predicting week to week boots. This is all true. The fact is, we were just too good at it. It ceased to be fun.  Instead I will be predicting who will win the season every week. I call it Matt’s Premature Winners At War Wildly Ambitious Winner’s Prognostication. Or Matt’s PWAWWAWP. Catchy, no? Let’s dive into this episode.

Fellow PWAWWAWPers, I have been guilty this season of forgetfulness. No, forgetfulness isn’t a crime, per se. I cannot be locked away, or “social distanced” as the youth call it now. But considering the great service I provide here, each and every week, perhaps forgetfulness should be a crime? No, it shouldn’t. But the PWAWWAWP must be accurate, it must be complete, and it cannot forget.  All this brings me to this week’s PWAWWAWP, the one I have forgotten, Natalie Anderson.

Natalie Anderson… I think? Maybe?

It is easy to forget about the people on Edge of Extinction. After all they aren’t actively playing the game. Instead, they are playing a type of the game, that isn’t the game? I too am confused by this PWAWWAWPians. The Edgers should not be dismissed, after all one will be reentering the game soon. And the Fire Token market is already proving to have an effect on the game. So the Edgers should not be forgotten, and Natalie must be remembered. Even though she was the first person voted out this season.

Natalie A., pretty sure this time

Being the first person voted out though opens a door for Natalie. After all, we have seen evidence that Natalie’s genetic duplicate could be voted out first, and then Natalie could go on to win! And who is closer to Natalie’s genetic duplicate this season, then herself?

Natalie’s genetic duplicate, I think. The sourcing here sucks

How could this PWAWWAWPian logic fail? So based on SJDS, I fully expect to see the first boot be Natalie’s genetic duplicate, or the closest facsimile this season has to offer, and then the winner be Natalie Anderson!

Whichever one is Natalie. I clearly have no idea

But what do you think loyal readers? Last week your MVP was Sophie, but who is your MVP this week and why is it Denise?

Who is your Week 6 MVP?

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