Purple Rock podcast episode 3: Rule in Chaos

Immunity idol strategies, Colton’s inability to recognize game, and the unveiling of a power alliance.

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0:00 – 1:21 Intro

1:22 – 19:15 Episode discussion- Redemption Island, Andy’s attraction to colors, immunity idol strategies, bye bye future Governor Rupert, Colton’s inability to recognize game, the unveiling of the power alliance, the alpha male alliance voting strategy, factoring in loved ones into votes

19:16 – 31:38 Interview with Sheldor Stinson, who has an awful name and might be Colton’s only fan, AV Club Survivor fantasy game discussion, defending Gervase.

31:39- 40:12 Historical discussion: Sheldor sticks around to help us decide who should have been RC’s last-minute replacement this season instead of Candice.

40:12 -46:30 Predictions for episode 3: Tyson possibly taking Rachel’s place, nobody caring about Colton, when the alpha male alliance will end, a very specific prediction about Vytas..