Purple Rock podcast episode 4: Opening Pandora’s box

We pour out some liquor for @rachelfoulger, discuss a possible Ulong-ing, and debate the most memorable quitters in Survivor history.

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0:00-18:08 Discussion of episode: Tyson has emotions, everyone hates Brad (but should they?), Colton remains terrible and boring, Andy was wrong and Ciera is terrible at this game

18:10-28:29 The immunity challenge: Family members against each other, Canadians have a Thanksgiving?, our warning for Vytas on Twitter, Ciera: still awful, the right type of tribe for winning challenges

28:30-35:16 Family members: Will Vytas be the one to find the immunity idol?, the right time to turn on Brad, John and Candice become the power couple of Redemption Island, why would John or Candice give the idol clue to anyone?, strategy at the Redemption Island challenge

35:17-39:01 Leaked casting news: Malcolm said no to this season (and everyone- us included- loves Malcolm), Ethan’s off-show record with the ladies

39:02-57:43 Historical discussion: Quitters never win, the various categories of Survivor quitters, suspicious medical evacuations

57:44-end Predictions for next episode: Andy sees a possible Ulong-ing, and is John more interesting than Andy’s bedroom wall?