Purple Rock podcast episode 6: The dead can still talk

A farewell to Candice, a comparison of Vytas and Tyson, and the awful play (and awful treatment) of Laura B.

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The team is back together for another podcast as Andy returns to discuss the latest episode of Survivor with John.

0:00 Intro
1:18 Episode summary: goodbye Candice, comparing Vytas’ and Tyson’s games, the awful play and awful treatment of Laura B, did the returnees make the right choice?
21:22 Survivor potpourri: Survivor on social media – Laura M’s pre-emptive explanation and an egomaniac slap fight, upcoming pseudo-celeb casting rumors
28:22 Guest appearance: Little Emma Adderall from the AV Club joins the podcast to discuss the subject of sexism on Survivor. Linda Holmes’ article on NPR is discussed: http://www.npr.org/blogs/monkeysee/2013/10/10/231398615/the-tribe-has-broken-how-sexism-is-silently-killing-survivor
47:27 Historical discussion: recruits vs applicants. The list discussed can be found here: http://survivorsucks.yuku.com/topic/61049#.UmA_VnBll9Y
57:29 Predictions for next: what’s the previewed shake-up, whose going home, whose going to Redemption Island. Andy’s craziest prediction yet.
1:08:13 AV Club Fantasy Survivor talk: Can Emma or Andy turn it around?

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