Purple Rock podcast episode 5: One-armed dude and three moms

In this episode, we focus on the losingest bunch of losers that ever lost, the family members tribe. Did Caleb make the right move? Was Brad really that bad? How has the “Brad type” done in previous seasons?

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Andy is unavailable this week, but The Purple Rock rolls on without its not-medically-evacuated star.

Finally, we throw a bit of love at the AV Club and discuss the Survivor fantasy league (don’t worry, it’s at the end of the episode and we warn you to turn it off if you’re not interested).

Time stamps:

0:00-3:33 Intro

3:34-30:30 Episode recap: Dominance by the doctors at Redemption Island, everyone still hates Brad, we evaluate the prospects of the remaining loved ones, coconut crabs (which are actually a real thing!), and the loved ones keep on losing

30:31-37:10 Tribal council discussion: Caleb forces a tribal council scramble, and a near-miss situation for the purple rock

37:11-44:35 Survivor history question: How often has the alpha male strategy really worked? Who had the worst attempts at claiming the leadership/alpha role?

44:36- end AV Club Survivor discussion: It’s still anyone’s game (except Craig), team-by-team breakdowns, and predictions for next episode