Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: All-Stars Full Season Revisit

Revisiting all of Survivor: All-Stars in one podcast. Because two would be overkill.

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Surprise! Join the Purple Rock Andy for a full season overview of Survivor: All-Stars, which helpfully does not require/demand you rewatch the season as well. It is spoiler-filled, so you probably should have seen it at some point.

In this episode, Andy and… oh god there’s no one else… discusses:

  • The Sue and Richard incident.
  • How the show and the contestants handled the incident.
  • Boston Rob (of course).
  • Could Boston Rob have won?
  • The actual winner of the season, Amber.
  • Is it possible for an Amber-type player to win today?
  • Romber forever.
  • Lex’s hypocrisy.
  • How Shii Ann represents the typical Survivor fan.
  • Justice for Jenna Lewis.
  • How I feel about the season watching it 17 years later.
  • Observations from my kids (described by me, no guest appearances. Sorry).

Supplemental material: