Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: David vs Goliath Episode Nine “Breadth-First Search”

Matt and Mark discuss the ninth episode of Survivor: David vs Goliath and the Survivor death of a brochacho. Again!

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: David vs Goliath Episode Nine – “Breadth-First Search”

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Edit: So apparently somehow youtube didn’t show Mark’s video feed, and I have a cold again this week. So this might be a good week to skip the video and listen to the audio.

In this episode, Matt and Mark discuss:

  • Did the David’s play their advantages right? Was there a more optimal way to do it?
  • Was Dan the right target?
  • Matt pulls an Andy
  • Why did Kara and Alec vote for Angelina?
  • Was it the right move by Alec and Alison to stay Goliath strong?
  • Mark, our design expert, walks us through some highlights of Survivor design this season
  • Davie’s fun confessional, Carl’s fun nullifier play and other episode miscellany
  • Season check-in
  • Predictions
  • Plugs and join Andy and Brad next week