Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: David vs Goliath Episode Six “Aren’t Brocachos Adorable”

John welcomes PRP three-timer Cory to the podcast to talk wrestling and politics, with a little bit of Survivor talk mixed in.

Johnny Dan-watcher. Johnny Brochacho.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: David vs Goliath Episode Six – “Aren’t Brochachos Adorable?”

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In this episode, John and Cory discuss:

  • John Morrison, Johnny Nitro, Johnny Mundo, Johnny Abs, etc.
  • Seriously, so much John Hennigan, because he is great.
  • Should Survivor have more wrestlers?
  • Angelina: entitled villain, or just standard-issue self-absorbed Survivor?
  • An appearance of the elusive Alison, and what this means for your edgic charts.
  • Storylines for the impending merge.
  • Are we gonna get a post-merge Pagonging?
  • Why is Alec?
  • Dan, his idols, and his potential blindside.
  • Brochachos: Is that really a thing?
  • Carl, for some reason.
  • Season check-in.
  • Wild grasping at straws for predictions.