Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: David vs Goliath Episode Twelve- “So Smart They’re Dumb”

Blackjack and Hookers unite to talk about either the eleventh or twelfth episode of the season, depending on your perspective.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: David vs Goliath Episode Twelve – “So Smart They’re Dumb”

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In this episode, Emma and Matt discuss:

  • The family visit.
  • Why Christian is perceived as such a threat.
  • Nick and Davie and their plans before Tribal.
  • Why Gabby targeted Christian and whether she was right to do so.
  • What we hope to see from the rest of the season.
  • What we hope not to see from the end.
  • Season check-in
  • Predictions
  • Next week tune into the penultimate episode for the original hosts, Andy and John