Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Edge of Extinction episode 7- “There’s Always a Twist”

It’s the Survivor fandom equivalent of the Mueller Report: a new Purple Rock Podcast episode!

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Edge of Extinction episode 7 – “There’s Always a Twist”
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In this episode, John and Matt discuss:

  • The Joe vote: Was this the time to make that move?
  • The Kama 6
  • Invisi-Julia: invisible no more
  • The first two quitters of the season
  • This really bizarre jury situation
  • The risks and rewards of Edge of Extinction
  • Rick’s fucking circle, which has now matured into a real idol
  • The idols left in play, and how they will affect upcoming votes
  • Marked for Extinction: Mixed returnee/newbie seasons
  • Predictions: Can John keep his successful prediction streak alive? (Spoiler: No.)