Survivor: Edge of Extinction Bonus Content Roundup – Week 6

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Escarpment of Eradication.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“What Is The Tribe Name?”

Three things I love about this clip: (1) Erick welcoming the Lesu tribe back to their old beach; (2) Joe immediately wanting to do Arts & Crafts in painting the flag; (3) the clearly audible “UNDERWEAR!” over the faded audio as the tribe finds the sewing kit.

Lauren pitches Vata as the tribe name, which many viewers quickly pointed out means “shelf” in Fijian. But Lauren is proposing a Vata from a different language. This Vata (one of the three Doshas) is the flow of mental, emotional, and corporeal forces through all people and things. This is as far as I got in my research before being deterred by herbal tea ads, so I guess this is an appropriate name for a tribe? Is there a yogi on this flight who can help?

This Week In Confessionals

“Trying To Just Continue To Listen And Not Do So Much”

So Joe didn’t throw the Immunity Challenge. Which is important; I’m not just trying to pick nits with the people who said he did. It’s important because Joe is used to winning and in the past has not taken losing well (he says as much at the start of this clip). But in this particular instance of defeat, Joe tries to turn his mindset around. Maybe there’s a silver lining, he thinks. Hopefully people won’t see me as a massive threat, he reasons. And if I stay calm, cool, and collective (shoutout to Rodney), my Kamas will protect me, he incorrectly concludes. Joe’s positive thinking went too far in that he tried to ignore the anxiety he was feeling about going home. And had he felt that heat a little more, maybe he wouldn’t have spent all day painting the flag. As we all know, ya gotta get to getting before you get got, so for Joe to say that he knows he will be a target at some point and then demur at making a move here … well I guess there’s a reason people always talk about his challenge prowess.

“Changing The Way I’m Thinking About The Vote”

The people want Julia content? Y’all getting Julia content. Because it’s bad. The strategy, it is rancid.

Maybe that’s a little harsh. But, Julia is essentially saying here that the existence of the Edge of Extinction means that she wants to vote out threats so that only one can return to the game. As opposed to … keeping them all around until the end? Even if Big Threat™ Julia Carter (Joe called her that, ya know) wanted meat shields, you wouldn’t keep them around until F5. They have to go at some point, which means that this “new strategy” Julia has is exactly what she should have been doing. And if she’s implying that she would otherwise be planning something else … I … I just … It’s normal strategy with a stupid, cheap hat.

Quick Hits

A lot this week’s confessionals are interesting but one-dimensional, so they won’t get a full write-up.

Wentworth knew that “Edge of Extinction” would be a twist, but she didn’t know it’d be this twist.

Aurora gives all of production’s talking points on EoE.

Victoria says that the existence of EoE will make her more risk-averse.

Keith and Wendy give their parting words.

Rick shares what it’s like to return to the game.

Ron says that the Merge Feast is more stressful than enjoyable.

Reem wouldn’t say that Keith and Wendy are quitters, but she’s not about to quit, motherfuckers.

Lauren says that losing the Immunity Challenge is tough because she doesn’t trust all of the old Lesus.

David says that his Voltron idol will be useful later because he doesn’t trust all of the old Lesus.