Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Edge of Extinction episode 8- “I’m the Puppet Master”

Will the latest Purple Rock Survivor Podcast episode feature a puppet master pulling the strings of Robot Andy? Listen and find out!

Sad Jack Sparrow

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Edge of Extinction episode 8 – “I’m the Puppet Master”
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In this episode, Brad and Andy discuss:

  • How we’re liking the season so far.
  • If we liked the episode.
  • Marked for Extinction: is it time for our nickname gimmick for Dan DaSilva to go extinct?
  • What did we think of his move this episode? Is he actually good at Survivor?
  • Was this the right move for Julia and Gavin?
  • Kelley and Lauren really did that shit, huh?
  • Kelley and David’s ability to work with one another.
  • Rick… notsomuch.
  • Where things went wrong for Eric.
  • The value of going to tribal pre-merge.
  • Aurora at the challenge.