Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Ghost Island Episode 12 “A Giant Game of Bumper Cars”

In honour of this week’s boot, Andy and John record a short podcast looking at the twelfth episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ghost Island Episode 12 “A Giant Game of Bumper Cars”

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In this episode, the Andy and John look at:

  • How this family visit rates on the Terry Dietz scale.
  • If Kellyn would’ve made her big move against Domenick and Wendell if she had been picked to go on the reward.
  • If discovering more about Sebastian’s plans in the game has added more interest to the end game possibilities.
  • Laurel shockingly deciding to play it safe.
  • Really over-the-top I told you so-ing. Even for Andy.
  • How relatable and understandable it is to desire safety.
  • What we’re to make of Donathan’s loose lips at Tribal Council.
  • Wendell’s ability to not play his idol.
  • If Chelsea was the right target.

Thanks for listening.