Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers episode 2 “I’m a Wild Banshee”

Andy and Matt broadcast a live video podcast, along with a not-live but not-edited-for-content audio podcast version, talking about the action-packed second episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers.

WARNING: As this was recorded live, Matt’s potty mouth and my dry cough remain intact. Choose your listening audience accordingly.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Episode 2 “I’m a Wild Banshee”

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In this episode, Andy and Matt discuss:

  • If this week is an improvement and the slow start to the season.
  • If we believed for a second that Simone wasn’t going home?
  • If there was any logical reason to vote Patrick out instead of her.
  • Is Patrick in real trouble now?
  • How Andy was proven wrong by this episode. Or was he? (He was not).
  • Chrissy’s spot in the game.
  • How Joe is like Dolly the Sheep’s early clones.
  • Was Cole’s blunder a sign of a bad player or just a poor moment?
  • Who we’re excited about.
  • Heroic, Healing, and Hustle moments of the week.
  • The most obscure sports reference in the history of the podcast.
  • Ranking the hottest dudes on the cast.

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