Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X preview

It’s time to apply broad generalizations to entire generations based on a sampling of 10 people! Welcome to the Survivor:¬†Millennials vs Gen X cast preview!


Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X preview

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Andy and John are back together to preview the theme and contestants for the 33rd season of Survivor. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • The sheer genius of the theme that we certainly don’t think is really stupid or anything.
  • First impressions of the cast as a whole.
  • They sure do seem to like Jesus, don’t they?
  • All 20 members of the cast, young and less young.
  • Andy gives Will a nickname
  • Who we think will be the first boot.
  • Who we think will win.

There’s 20 people to talk about, so this is a long one. Don’t worry; we have no intention of making this a regular occurrence.