Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Survivor 41 episode 10 – “Baby with a Machine Gun”

Join us for a holiday(ish) episode filled with deep emotions, crumbling alliances, and the final act of a star. Hmm hmm-hmm, hmm hmm-hmm.

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Listen to Andy and John as they discuss:

  • If we liked the episode.
  • The emotional heft of the decision-making.
  • Doing it for the culture vs doing it for yourself.
  • The Shan and Liana bond.
  • Shan and Ricard’s non-finals pact.
  • Women vs men with juries.
  • Celebrating Shan.
  • Was this the right time for Deshawn and Danny to take out Shan?
  • Shan not playing her idol.
  • Xander not playing his extra vote.
  • How target and suspicion moves around so quickly.
  • The death of edgic.