Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Survivor 41 episode 11 – “Do or Die”

Do I need to tell you that this week’s podcast is hosted  by Andy and Emma, or have you already inferred that from the running time?

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Listen or watch Andy and Emma as they discuss:

  • If we liked the episode.
  • The Do or Die twist in theory.
  • The Do or Die twist in practice.
  • The Monty Hall of it all.
  • Why Liana instead of Ricard.
  • Xander’s extra vote.
  • Xiana OTP.
  • The idea of a “screwed player purple edit”.
  • Tribal council discussions and the continued effort to tell different stories.
  • If we buy Erika as a potential winner.
  • Is this one of the more character-driven seasons in recent memory?

Discussed on the podcast: