Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Survivor 41 episode 2 – “Juggling Chainsaws”

If this last episode left you as confused as a goat on astroturf, the Purple Rock Survivor podcast is here to help guide you through it. Some truly believe that podcasts are dead relatives saying NO PLEASE STOP TALKING.

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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • If we liked the episode.
  • The decision to vote Voce out.
  • The “intentional Matsing”
  • Thoughts on the Beware advantage: is it good for the players? Is it good for the show?
  • Are twists too complicated for the audience?
  • Xander sharing his advantage information with Evvie and Voce.
  • Evvie giving information to DeShawn.
  • Brad’s Tony impression.
  • Who stood out for us this episode.