Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Survivor 41 episode 9 – “Who’s Who in the Zoo”

Are you ready to hear about vote splits? Well if not, GET ready.

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Listen to Andy and John as they discuss:

  • Why didn’t anyone talk about Xander’s extra vote?
  • Seriously, fuck the idol… the extra vote tho.
  • How it could’ve changed the vote if he had played it.
  • How it could’ve changed the end game.
  • The vote split that actually happened and if it should have.
  • Should they have targeted Naseer or Heather?
  • Losing Naseer and Evvie.
  • Where things went wrong for Evvie.
  • Is anyone playing well right now?
  • Why isn’t Danny a target?
  • Whose chances we like to win.
  • The double tribal council thing.
  • The sad attempts by Heather and Liana to get people to give them their idols.