Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Survivor 41 finale – “One Thing Left to Do… Win”

John and Andy reflect on the season that concluded this week, re-examining our past impressions leading up to the finale in the process.

You’re not wrong Shan. And thanks for listening to our podcast!

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Listen to Andy and John as they discuss:

  • We are big dummies.
  • When we realized Erika could win.
  • How Survivor keeps burying its female winners.
  • Was this a fair edit for Erika’s game?
  • How advantages and twists affected the game.
  • If we liked the finale.
  • Xander big-braining fire-making decision and overall game.
  • Final Ricard thoughts.
  • Where things went wrong for Deshawn.
  • Why we think Erika won.
  • The aftershow vs a live reunion.
  • Overall season opinion.