Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Survivor 41 Premiere – “A New Era”

Come on in y’all to a new season of the Purple Rock Survivor podcast. After a long time away, Andy and John are back to discuss the premiere episode of Survivor 41.

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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • What’s like to be watching new Survivor again.
  • Did we like the episode?
  • Who were the standouts?
  • How sure were we that JD was going home?
  • What do we think of Ua’s decision to vote out Sara instead?
  • What do we think of Yase’s decision to vote out Abraham?
  • New twists!
    • Beware advantage
    • Shot in the Dark
    • Savvy or sweat?
    • Risk/Protect your vote
    • No food, more danger, lose your flint
  • A lot of Probst in this one.
  • Our thoughts on the extra backstory segments.
  • What would YOU choose?!?