Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Survivor 46 episode 6 – “Cancel Christmas”

If you want to listen to this week’s podcast on episode 6 of Survivor 46, you’ll have to EARN IT. Or… you could just do the simple thing and choose the purple rock.

See what I did there?

Because the team that chose the purple rocks won? Get it? WE’RE THE PURPLE ROCK?!?

It’s probably better if I didn’t explain it.

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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • Feelings on the episode.
  • The tour de force performance of Venus
  • Should they have voted out Charlie instead?
  • Or should it have been Venus?
  • Was there anything Moriah could’ve done differently to save herself?
  • Do we owe the Reba 4 more credit?
  • What a vote like this says about the Mergeatory vote.
  • Reaction to seeing the random rock draw.
  • Is Q’s alliance actually going to work?
  • Tim’s attempts to withhold information.
  • Top 3 Christmas songs