Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Survivor 46 episode 7 – “Episode Several”

Two of the sexiest* dads to ever do it** are back to talk about episode 7 of Survivor 46. The contestants may be randomly divided, but we will never be.


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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • Feelings on the episode.
  • Are the characters delivering?
  • Are we surprised at how invested in the “Plus One” alliance Q and Tevin seem to be?
  • The delightful messiness of the Nami group.
  • Tevin’s decision to target Soda?
  • Why did Tevin vote for Venus?
  • A confident Venus is the best Venus.
  • Maria’s confrontation with Venus.
  • Charlie’s reactions.
  • Venus claiming credit for the move
  • Tim’s approach to the alliance and his post-swap situation.
  • Q’s decision-making.
  • Tiffany’s reaction to Q.
  • Should they have targeted Hunter though? Was Tim right?
  • Or should it have been Ben?
  • Challenge banter
  • Top 3 Sexiest Survivor Dads


*Not sharing out of how many

**”It” being “podcast about Survivor“, so… low bar. Gotta easily be in the top 100.