Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Survivor 46 Finale – “Friends Going to War”

Survivor 46 is over and we figured the only way we could properly pay homage to this season was to make our final discussion about it all about ourselves.

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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • Did we like this episode?
  • The final tribal
  • What do we make of the jury’s decision?
  • Basing the vote on financial need.
  • What does Kenzie’s win say about the game of Survivor as a whole?
  • Liz helping Kenzie beat Maria
  • Thoughts on Maria
  • Should we have been talking about Kenzie more this season?
  • Was there anything else Charlie could have done to win this season?
  • Thoughts on Ben
  • Thoughts on Liz
  • How does this season rank?
  • Top 3 songs by The Beatles
  • Fan Mail

You can now send a text to us by clicking here if you’re on your phone. Note: we cannot reply and won’t be podcasting again for some non-several period of months, so there’s probably no point in asking us questions right now.