Purple Rock Watch-Along: Pearl Islands

The votes are in and Pearl Islands will be the official re-watch of the Fall season. Savage! Scoutmaster Lil! Sandra! Stupid Sexy Burton! Johnny Fairplay! Osten! RUUUUUUUUUUPERT!

We’ll be podcasting one episode* per week on Friday, starting this week until the middle of December (provided the world doesn’t fall apart between now and then. Which…) You should all join in and watch along and listen and comment because it’ll be fun.
*One exception: we will be covering the two-parter (episodes 7 & 8) in one episode, both because it makes sense to and it will keep the season from spilling into the week before Christmas.

The goal of the series is to allow people to both re-watch and watch for the first time. Which means that we’ll be trying to keep spoilers separated to the end of the podcast and behind spoiler tags in comments. It’ll be fun to talk about things as they happen, rather than spend every episode anticipating the same 4-5 big moments of the season. Spoiler tags can be done with the following code:

So look for a new podcast in your podcatcher/on YouTube (Like and subscribe! Don’t forget to hit that bell or whatever!) on Friday.

Also note: avoid using player nicknames that may suggest success or failure in the game. Like I did above.