Survivor Maryland: Major Conflict Episode 3

Welcome to week three of Survivor Maryland Major Conflict.

Thoughts on the episode:

  • Drunk Eric explaining the vote was great.
  • Dale Aram is on crutches? that won’t be amazing for her ability to play the game.
  • A Dain, Dale Aram and Eric alliance could be really good.
  • Eric was completely correct to notice the south campus group are an alliance, they are immediately shown together talking about voting out Eric.
  • Liam is trying to make good with the Yellow tribe but it’s painfully obvious what he’s doing. Doug and Amanda see right through his attempts to curry favour.
  • After two weeks of Yellow vote outs I am really struggling to know who is who on Red. Who is in an alliance, who do I like?
  • The Red men don’t like Ivy because she’s meeting everyone and playing the game.
  • As always the Blindfold Challenge is very very difficult to watch without isolation microphones.
  • Yellow wins immunity! I am now worried for Ivy.
  • The Tape Alliance want to keep Ivy as they feel Evan is more likely to want to vote with the guys.
  • But Josh and Mike want to get rid of Evan because he brought up their names.
  • Ivy is maybe overplaying by talking so much to everyone.
  • Yep, Ivy is voted out first.
  • Dear Survivor Maryland players 4 years ago (yes this season was filmed 4 years ago) STOP VOTING OUT WOMEN SO EARLY.
  • I do not think for a second if Ivy were male and played the way she did she would not have been voted out. Men are allowed to speak to whomever and play hard early and make it deep into merge before becoming a threat. Blah.

What did you think? Why Ivy? Why another woman?