Purple Rock Watch-Along: Survivor Nicaragua Viewing Plan

We are starting our Nicaragua watch-along this Thursday and this is how it will sear the living skin from my eyeballs:

I will be doing a weekly watch of Survivor :Nicaragua starting January 5th.  I will be doing this in live-blog format, but not actually live-blogging at a set time.  So you don’t have to worry about coordinating watch times or anything like that.

Here’s the order I will discuss the episodes:

January 5th: Episodes 1-2
January 12th: Episodes 3-5
January 19th: Episodes 6-7
January 26th: Episodes 8-10
11 is a recap episode and will not be watched because why do that to ourselves?
February 2nd: Episodes 12-14
February 9th: Episodes 15 plus reunion

Note: This is my first time watching this season, so if you are rewatching it, please be careful with the spoilers.  I mean I know who wins, and I know about the quitters, and I know that this season generally sucks.  But I want to experience the suck live and as it is happening so I can give you a fair and accurate portrait of its sucking. Or maybe I’ll actually like it?