Purple Rock Watch-Along: Survivor Philippines Viewing Plan

You know how Malcolm was taken from us far too early this past season, robbing us of hours of entertainment in his signature brand of charmy snark, athleticism, and nerd references wrapped in a pleasing appearance? It’s time to rectify that. It’s time to re-live peak Malcolm, an Iowan we were actually excited about, and one of the best seasons of Survivor in recent memory. It’s time to re-watch Survivor: Philippines.

In perhaps even more exciting news, this rewatch will mark the debut of the Blackjack and Hookers podcast duo. That’s right, Emma and Matt are taking over the show – may God have mercy on us all.

They will be doing weekly video podcasts on Philippines starting June 15th. The podcasts will broadcast live on our YouTube page around 10:00 pm EST Thursday nights (with one exception), posting on our site as video and audio podcasts the following morning. Since a goal of these shows is to make it easier for us than regular shows, these will not be edited (barring major technical issues), so we apologize ahead of time for the reduced audio quality.

Here’s the order we will discuss them:

  • June 15th: Episodes 1-3
  • June 22nd: Episodes 4-6
  • June 29th: Episodes 7-9
  • July 10th: Episodes 10-12
  • July 20th: Episode 13, Finale and Reunion

Note: this will be a re-watch for both Emma and Matt. We realize some people might be watching for the first time, and might even be largely unspoiled. Our advice for these people would be to hold off on listening to the podcasts or participating in comments until you’ve seen the entire season, as future events will be discussed throughout the season. Maybe you should binge the whole thing before the 15th!