Survivor Art Gallery: Ara’s artwork

Every once in a while, something interesting pops up on Twitter. It’s rare, but it happens. So when we noticed some impressive¬†Survivor art in our timeline, we figured we had to pass it along.

We reached out to Ara, the artist who created all of the images below, and asked if we could post a short gallery for all of you to see. She sent five of her favorite pieces along with descriptions of why she chose to highlight them. Enjoy!


Chaos KassKass is one of my all-time favorite players. She caused chaos in her first season, and I wanted to represent that chaos in this artwork. It has different colors (something I took from Warhol’s pop art works) and some of the shapes change on each side. That’s Kass; she was unpredictable and fearless, and even though her Second Chance experience was cut short after the merge, that’s exactly the way I would like to think of her.


I have to admit it: as a diehard fan of Stephen I was scared of his position in the game since day one. He was shown as a weak guy and an obsessed strategist and received the dodo music treatment. However, I’ve been able to breathe after the merge. In the last episode, Stephen took a huge risk and earned a big advantage that I hope he uses wisely. I like to see that side of Fishbach, and I’d love for him to get far in the game if he keeps taking risks and making moves.


Kelley PortraitOne of my very first artworks was this portrait of Kelley. After that breathtaking sequence in the premiere I was impressed by her, and I guess that’s the moment I realized she was there to win. She said this quote early in the game: “Go big or go home”. Weeks later she went big, as she managed to stay in the island by playing her idol, blindsiding someone with a very comfortable position in the game in the process. I’m glad I found this on my archives since it represents Kelley’s gameplay at te moment.


Kelley PosterKelley was on the bottom of the game next to Ciera and Abi-Maria. We knew she had the idol, of course, but anyone else knew about it, so she was still in danger. The fact that she was one of the few remaining original members of Ta Keo didn’t help, either. However, she pulled that wonderful move at Tribal and remained alive in the game, at least for a few episodes. I chose Kelley’s words and this particular style in my artwork to represent the inspirational side of the situation and all of its layers: her success, Abi and Ciera living to see another day, and Savage’s game tearing apart in a matter of seconds.


You Little BitchBeing a big fan of Varner since The Australian Outback (my all-time favorite season) my heart was broken when he was voted out. Despite my sadness, I understood the reasons behind it: he was in pain and his injury after the Immunity Challenge would have caused a medical evacuation, anyway. This was one of the first Survivor-related artworks I’ve drawn and it means a lot to me because it represent the essence of a good Tribal. That hug and those last words summed up the situation and the moment: even if she had voted against him, Varner still loved Abi-Maria. I could see a man who was both proud of his gameplay and sad about leaving.

If you like Ara’s artwork and would like to see more, you can find her on Twitter (@arakubrick) or on Instagram (arakubrick).