Survivor: Game Changers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 7

Taako From Teevhii shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Game Changers.

If you’re like me, you have a Netflix problem. And not like an “I’m excessively watching Netflix to the point of functional impairment” problem, more like a “How am I supposed to choose what to watch?” problem (by the way, the answer is Documentary Now!). As you know if you’ve ever looked at a Yankee Candle display or a Cheesecake Factory menu, being burdened by options makes it harder to choose. And with all the bonus clips that come from a two-hour broadcast, we’ve got a lot of options. But worry no more because we’re about to cover the best bonus content from this week in Survivor, and you have to do nothing more than sit back, relax, and click play.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“We’re Gonna Have To Name Our Tribe”

International Linque

That really is a well-designed flag. Ozzy is wrong that it’s the best flag he’s ever had because Erik Reichenbach puts Enil Edam and Dabu at 1 and 2. But I’m comfortable with calling Maku Maku a Top 10 flag.

There’s not much to say about this moment, but I found it interesting: Sierra floats the tribe name Bula Bula (a Fijian greeting, for the unfamiliar), and Andrea quickly points out that Bula Bula was the tribe name in Fiji. Ya know, the season that aired a decade ago that half this cast probably hasn’t seen. We all like Andrea, right? Because if you don’t, you should just for this.

And it’s a portmanteau, Debbie.

“It’s Pretty Damn Clear Now”

International Linque

So it sounds like everything isn’t all smiles and sunshine in the Culpepper Clubhouse. In fact, it sounds like Brad and Debbie will cut each other as soon as their presence is no longer convenient. Maybe it’s always been this way, and maybe that’s just Survivor; but if they can’t maintain a working relationship, their alliance (which seems to currently be in the power position) could be headed for the rocks. On another note, Debbie’s use of the word “knickers” tells me that one of her previous jobs was Hollywood Boulevard Mary Poppins. And that shaky cam made everyone else think that Debbie was gonna jump Brad like Jason Bourne, right?

This Week In Confessionals

“A Lot of Tentacles”

International Linque

Did you catch that? Did it make you laugh? It made me laugh. Anyways, moving on.

“I Don’t See Any Reason To Get Fancy Too Early”

International Linque

Alright, all together now: What? Huh? Um … I guess that makes … no, wait, it doesn’t. What?

What we have here is a quite lengthy confessional wherein Zeke discusses why it would be completely foolish to turn on anyone from the original Nuku tribe. On the surface, that would seem to be in direct opposition to the gameplay we saw from Zeke last week. So what gives? Gut reaction: something spooked him and he felt like he needed to turn on Cirie and Andrea and abandon this strategy. But I would actually argue that Zeke is still sticking to this plan. After all, his vote was for Aubry at the last tribal; he may have been planning to Pagong the Manas before changing targets. His alerting Sierra might have been laying a plan that wouldn’t take effect for three more boots. The problem here is that he got caught by the people he was planning to betray down the road. It’s possible that the Zeke we saw last episode wasn’t a madcap maverick, just a sloppy strategist.

“They Are So Clueless To The Little Things That I’m Doing”

International Linque

Debbie is crazy. Crazy like a fox. I think. I’m still not convinced that her merge feast antics helped her, but I can see a thought process there. The fact that I’m even considering her to be a schemer must mean that she’s a schemer, right? But then again, “Mano.” Jeez, I dunno, man.

“I Wasn’t Surprised”

International Linque

International Linque

International Linque

On their own, each of these clips might not be worth discussing. Aubry gives a standard Aubry confessional, Andrea gives a typical Andrea confessional, and Sarah, well you get it. But it’s worth noting that from these clips, we can find that the merge feast twist was pointless. Brad and Tai were going to volunteer, and everyone knew that as soon as the twist was revealed. There were even more people who were ready to raise their hands. There was never any tension, and no drama came from this moment. Can anyone honestly say that Brad’s and Tai’s decisions will impact the game down the road? Andrea says yes, but really, Andrea? Really? I’m left hoping that this twist wasn’t symptomatic of the Big Brother-fication of Survivor.

This Week In Ponderosa

“A Middle Finger to Typical Life”

International Linque

Let’s speculate what Hali’s side projects are. My guesses: cross-stitched Constitution; Statue of Liberty made out of popsicle sticks; code for a simulation of the Philadelphia Convention; setting the Bill of Rights to the tune of “Jolene”.

Being the first juror is a bit like being at the losers’ Exile. You have no one to talk to and are left alone with your thoughts and regrets. Within twelve hours, Hali presents four different theories as to why she was voted out, which is either a sign of having no one to talk to or a sign of Hali being Hali.

It is also ironic that Hali says she will only vote for a true shot-caller to win.

“I Wanna Really Enjoy The Journey”

International Linque

After being voted out, one of the first things Ozzy laments is not having a likeminded person who enjoys the survival aspect like he does. It raises the question, what season was primed for an Ozzy win? It would have to be old-school, but it couldn’t be inland because a dolphin needs water, and can you tell I don’t have much to say about this Ponderosa? Ozzy is boring (I said it). One thing that is probably worth noting though is that Ponderosa is much better produced compared to previous seasons. A trip to the market is so much more interesting than “Toothpaste!” every episode. However as those two inaudible minutes at the end will show, there’s still a ways to go.

This Week In Gifable Moments

When you remember how badly Michelle Yi was twist-screwed

When someone thinks jokes about Troy’s donger are funny