Survivor Cambodia Episode 10 and 11 Liveblog – “My wheels are spinning”

It’s our tenth week of live coverage of Survivor Cambodia.  Follow us on Twitter and Storify!

Wrap Thoughts and Three Up and Three Down:
What an awesome pair of episodes guys.  Ciera and Stpehen may have gone home but those were fantastic tribals.  Stephen’s downfall was his decision to split the vote.  The interesting thing is that earlier in the game he didn’t want to split when he thought he might be the target, but now he knows he is the target and splits the votes.  That said, I’m not sure he plays the advantage if they all pile on Joe and then he just goes home 5-4.
Three Up:
Jeremy (saved his ally, too bad it was short-lived, but still huge move), Spencer (beat joe! got out Stephen!), Joe (He lost and didn’t go home!), Kelley (Another idol!), We the viewers (this season is fantastic guys, no one can seize control because everyone is too aware of who is on top and who is on the bottom).
Three Down:
Abi (if Abi doesn’t destroy the world why focus on her insanity?), the rain (seriously that looked awful), voting blocs (looks like alliances are back in season).
Savage Corner: He keeps the hat which isn’t as funny anymore, but he does seem happy to see Fish play his advantage, and probably even happier that it didn’t cost Joe a place.