Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cambodia Episode 6 “Bunking with the Devil”

On the latest episode of the podcast, we go full dad on perhaps the best episode of Survivor: Cambodia thus far. Tragedy, comedy, strategy – this one has it all.


Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cambodia episode 6 “Bunking with the Devil”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • What it was like to watch Terry Deitz go through that from our perspective as dads.
  • Which was the funniest part of the slip and slide challenge?
  • Stephen being haunted by his past performance.
  • Andrew Savage’s awful night.
  • Welcome to Survivor: Cambodia Ciera Eastin!
  • Welcome back Chaos Kass!
  • The conspiracy theory surrounding Spencer Bledsoe
  • Who is rising and who is falling.
  • Predictions for the merge.

And, oh yeah, Woo was voted out. We kinda forgot to mention that. Wooooo!

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